Paul Miszczyszyn, ND

Dr. Paul Miszczyszyn, ND
5600 14Th Ave Nw
Seattle, Washington, 98107
Phone: (206) 919-0175
Fax: (206) 567-9797

Through proper nutrition, healthy habits, and self-awareness, we can build a good foundation for healing. I use nutritional and biochemical markers to direct treatment, in order to achieve and maintain health goals. My approach is to optimize the natural processes of your body to get you feeling great.

My views on health and healing are aligned with naturopathic principles because of my parent’s European approach to life and wellness. Growing up in Chicago as a 1st generation Polish-American, the basics of supporting health were routine thanks to my mother. Her training as a nurse in Europe exposed me to a different perspective on care, which led me to become a naturopathic doctor. I am passionate about utilizing natural and minimally invasive treatments and substances to nourish and protect our wellbeing.

The naturopathic profession resonated with my values for prevention and sustainable health, and I am grateful and honored to help patients in this field. Being able to move through life with energy and excitement is my personal goal. I love cooking with friends and family, as well as staying active in soccer, rock climbing, snowboarding, and running. I am always working towards optimal health so that I can show up in life with enthusiasm and gratitude.

My passion is about helping people enjoy life and attain the goals which only a healthy mind body and spirit provide. Dr. Paul Miszczyszyn.

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