Paul E Reilly, ND

Paul E Reilly, ND
Seattle Cancer Treatment & Wellness Center
122 16Th Ave East
Seattle, Washington, 98112
United States

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One comment on “Paul E Reilly
  1. Brett Nelson says:

    I was given your name by Dr. Vanessa Wilke ND who is a member of my church. I have stage 3 kidney cancer and have been taking a drug called Cabozantinib which is a pill that is taken once a day. My problem is that I have also developed side effects that can cause blistering on some pressure points on my feet and hands as well as making my voice go horse. I was wondering if there is an approach that you may know that will lessen these side effects? I had to quit taking the drug 1 month ago to heal my voice and feet. The kidney cancer has spread to my spinal cord and I learned yesterday to a rib on my rib cage which is giving me a small pain when I cough. I had a CT Scan this week. The cancer seems to be in check with the other areas of soft tissue surrounding where my right kidney was. (Had it removed in February) However the cancer seems to be spreading in the 2 areas in my bones. Would you have a way of lessening the side effects as I go back to taking the Cabozantinib, My Oncologist is Dr. JP Flores at Virginia Mason is open to other solutions too.

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