Michael Rak, ND

Dr. Michael Rak, ND
6869 Woodlawn Ave Ne
Seattle, Washington, 98115
Phone: (206) 535-8867

Dr. Rak’s care philosophy is to find and treat the most foundational aspect of the disease present. At times this will be a nutritional deficiency, at other times it may be a chronic viral infection. He works hard to find the underlying cause of the pathology and understands how to shift people that aren’t able to find relief elsewhere. He has a lot of experience working with people that are sensitive to various interventions.

Throughout his life, Dr. Rak has been interested in science and medicine. After growing up in Western Michigan, he attended Michigan State University, graduating from an honors college for students of science with a curriculum heavy in human biology. During this time he did extensive research chemistry and worked through two internships with Pfizer, learning the science of pharmaceuticals. These experiences laid the groundwork for his future medical philosophy.

Upon graduation, he moved to Seattle to study renewable energy at the University of Washington. After receiving his Master’s Degree, he enrolled at Bastyr University to begin his medical education. His training has focused on the function of the neurological system and how this system is affected by toxicity. Additionally, he has cultivated a strong practice of physical medicine that spans a spectrum from the subtleties of craniosacral technique and visceral manipulation to higher force interventions like osseous manipulation and trigger point therapy.

His practice focuses on finding the therapeutic that best fits the patient, while his knowledge of biochemistry allows him to identify synergistic nutrients that could be crucial to therapeutic success. He believes that a genetic profile helps him to maximize efficacy and minimize side effects of treatment options by understanding an individual’s metabolic susceptibilities. In his office, you will find a safe space where you can be free to explore your life and a pathway to robust health.

Dr. Rak is a scientist, a scholar, and a healer. He has done research-spanning from chemistry to molecular biology, at some of the finest institutions. His medical training began at Bastyr University, but continues through countless seminars and conferences. His passion is the interplay between the mind and the body through the function of the nervous system. This study yields techniques ranging from intricate genetic analysis and injection therapies to subtle manipulation techniques.

He loves a challenge.

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