Melissa Buches, ND

Dr. Melissa Buches, ND
509 Olive Way
Seattle, Washington, 98101
Phone: (206) 420-8682
Fax: (360) 282-0006

Dr. Melissa is an avid athlete, and knows what it takes to get to the level of pushing the human body to its greatest capacity. With her focus on sports medicine, many of her patients are professional athletes, including cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes, baseball and football players. She takes great pride in seeing her patients reach optimal levels of feeling well and getting the most out of their body’s on a daily basis.

Dr. Melissa is passionate about reaching optimal health both personally and with her patients.

Dr. Melissa Buches is a naturopathic doctor who was born in a small town in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Her parents were passionate about gardening, hunting, fishing, and providing good food for their children. Growing up in a rural area meant taking more control over one’s own health. Using things at hand, often directly from nature, to help one heal. This was very important in Dr. Melissa’s decision to pursue a naturopathic medical school that incorporated natural components of food and nutrition into modern day advances.

Today she applies this knowledge in her work as a primary care doctor, focusing on women’s health, gastroenterology, and sports medicine. Dr. Melissa Buches ND graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelors in science focusing on genetics, biochemistry and botany. She fell in love with biochemistry, and this is reflected in how she likes to educate her patients about their internal biochemistry.

She graduated from Bastyr University in 1995 with her doctorate. She then went on to have a naturopathic practice in Portland, Oregon. She left Portland after three years to pursue the sunshine of southern California. She settled in Westlake Village, California and had a bustling primary care private practice there for 17 years focusing on women’s health and sports medicine. Dr. Melissa and her husband David, recently relocated to Seattle, so Dave could pursue his career with Amazon.

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