Lara Thompson, ND

Dr. Lara Thompson, ND
2804 Grand Ave Ste 300
Everett, Washington, 98201
Phone: (425) 258-4633
Fax: (833) 291-4685

Dr. Lara Thompson is a health care provider trained in integrative and holistic medicine at Bastyr University with additional degrees in psychology and social work. Referred to by patients as ‘The Macgyver of Natural Medicine’ with a unique ability to see problems and find solutions outside-of-the-box created by the mainstream medical system, Dr. Thompson has a focus on integrating mind-body medicine practices with evidenced informed natural therapies to help patients find relief from chronic pain and illness.

Dr. Thompson has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years – a former patient care specialist in emergency rooms, HIV and substance use case worker to a clinical research coordinator. Dr. Thompson is a licensed naturopathic physician currently practicing in Washington state , both in-person and telemedicine options available as well as consultations for those out of state.

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