Jennifer Booker, ND

Dr. Jennifer Booker, ND
3900 Capital Mall Dr Sw
Olympia, Washington, 98502
Phone: (360) 943-0424
Fax: (360) 491-2111

My job is to teach you how to take the best possible care of yourself. Understanding the causes of your problems allows finding the best answers. No one has perfect health, but striving for the best health possible is a real achievable goal. Health means more than all the riches in the world. Many patients are very surprised at how simple answers can be. Often it’s a diet change, a previously undiagnosed very treatable problem, a simple exercise regimen, or an herbal tincture.

When problems are rare and complicated, it’s usually combining the simple, with the newer technologies that work. We are all unique biological puzzles. I love Naturopathy as a healing system because it fosters methods of problem solving that honor nature and the way we are meant to function. Once you’ve learned enough to maintain your new health, I’ll see you around town perhaps. Or for your annual check ups, or if you have happy news of a growing family, or another loved one I could help.

Dr. Booker.

As a Naturopathic Physician I am dedicated to helping you learn more about solving your health problems and devising best methods for restoring the best health possible. The answers can come from just about anywhere including labs, radiology studies, a diet diary, previous medical records and of course you the patient. You may have more key information than you think necessary to finding solutions.

Often simple solutions work best, like diet and exercise changes, herbal medicines, or nutritional vitamins and minerals. Any of these can be your best medicines. When problems are complicated I’ll recommend a trusted specialist or therapy most likely to get results. Even Mayo clinic if necessary. If you want to take on finding the causes of your problems and long term solutions, and are willing to work for it, I’m pretty sure I can help.

If your goal is to use as little medications, procedures and drugs as possible, to become independent in self care as much as possible I can help you. If you’re short on health insurance and cash we have deep discounts for cash patients through Simple Care and can order discounted lab and radiology services too. SincerelyDr. Booker.

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