Benjamin Hawthorne, ND

Dr. Benjamin Hawthorne, ND
3670 Stone Way N
Seattle, Washington, 98103
Phone: (206) 834-4100
Fax: (206) 834-4131

Dr. Hawthorne is passionate about the influence of diet and lifestyle on health and he recognizes the importance of individualized treatments for his patients. He utilizes evidence-based therapies while working to nurture a relationship and empower his patients to build a strong foundation of health. He believes that as an integrative provider it his responsibility to educate his patients on the full spectrum of their treatment options and allow them to decide which therapies to pursue.

Dr. Benjamin Hawthorne is a licensed naturopathic physician in Washington. He received his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology with a minor in Music from the University of California, Berkeley. He spent five years working as a researcher for a company focused on developing a screen for early lung cancer. He then went on to earn his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA while conducting research on natural products for the adjunctive treatment of prostate cancer.

He began his career with a residency in family medicine at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle, WA. With a strong background in primary care, areas of specialty include physical medicine, men’s health, nutrition, cardiovascular disease, diabetes care, digestive health and mindbody medicine. He is also experienced in women’s health, pediatrics, and adjunctive oncology. Dr. Hawthorne is a father of a young daughter and is passionate about staying active and spending as much time as possible with his family in the outdoors.

His hobbies include whitewater kayaking, paragliding and skiing, and he also enjoys gardening and playing the violin.

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