Allison Egan, ND

Dr. Allison Egan, ND
3150 W Government Way
Seattle, Washington, 98199
Phone: (206) 906-9239

I believe strongly in a holistic approach to medicine; integrating nutritional and lifestyle counseling, supplemental and herbal medicine to provide individualized patient centered care. Each individualized treatment session will involve a form of physical medicine along with a customized treatment plan that may include botanical medicine or supplements. Patient education is the backbone of my practice; I enjoy not only teaching my patients about their bodies, and how they function, but also how simple lifestyle changes can result in lasting treatment or prevention of disease.

I believe in building a relationship with my patients to understand where they are coming from. My goal is to address areas of your life the may be affecting your pain.

My passion for spending time in nature began early in life. Eventually this passion morphed into a love for physical activity of all kinds and an appreciation for the physical body and all it’s functions. I spent my undergraduate career as a student athlete participating as a division I rower while pursuing a degree in health and human performance. Eventually I evolved into a backpacking guide for many years before realizing that I wanted to pursue my understanding of the role physical activity, lifestyle, and nutrition can play in disease processes.

This aspiration to expand my knowledge of the body and its functions ultimately fueled my desire to learn even more about the root cause of disease process and prevention, and ultimately to pursue naturopathic medicine. Because of my personal history of physical activity I have a unique understanding and experience with physical pain and the devastation that it can cause in our lives. I have a specific desire to help patients who are suffering from physical pain regain control of their lives and move forward into a pain free existence.

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