Maria Cronyn, ND

Dr. Maria Cronyn, ND
54 W Twin Oaks Ter Ste 13
South Burlington, Vermont, 05403
Phone: (802) 448-3239
Fax: (802) 419-9551

Healthy body = healthy mind is the crux. Mental health is very often hormonal. Chronic disease is a very difficult thing to maneuver. Optimize your physical and mental health. It is a journey and we must always keep learning more ways to improve our mental health after illness, injury, traumatic event, or in grief. You deserve to have someone to work with who you trust. I do very long appointments to really get things out in the open.

Begin the journey with good plan. You can discuss all the problems top to bottom and we can find solutions together. Organize the priorities and begin treating asap. I build a trusting, lasting relationship with patients that endures.

I have very long transformational conversations that many enjoy. I am a Naturopathic Physician and Life Coach. I search out core issues and use many treatments to address them like Hormones, Homeopathy, Botanical medicines, lifestyle changes and diet. Toxic patterns or relationships are a huge topic, of course. Patients want results, answers, and tools. I am very dynamic in treatments and see results very quickly within weeks or we change course.

I provide a wide range of therapeutic techniques from Jungian analytical to Gestalt approach to break down what the problems clearly. I am also ILADS member test and treat Lyme.

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