SaraiSusanna Stuart, ND

Dr. SaraiSusanna Stuart, ND
924 Gaye Ln
Arlington, Texas, 76012
Phone: (817) 642-3014

PREVENT – REVERSE – CURE health ailments with holistic healing. We begin with your health intake, discussing your concerns and goals to improve your health. You must eat. We focus on possible root causes which includes food, beverage and substance intake. Improving nutritional and healthier dietary consumption will contribute to positive healing. We recommend supplements, herbs and or homeopathic remedies.

You receive education materials and guidelines such as an accurate journaling format. Your personalized designed specific body’s types program may include some or all: gland type, blood type, dosha, time of birth, ethnicity, geno, etc. Between scheduled appointments, brief phone conversations may occur to support and address your questions, concerns and updates, of which a subtle alteration might be suggested.

I believe and adhere to open communication with you; this is essential to achieve the most effective approaches to your health and healing transformation.

Details on web site – naturallybalancedhealth Visit the About Us page.

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