Lynn Chiasson, ND

Lynn Chiasson, ND
Main Street Naturopathic Clinic
616 Main Street North
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, S6H 3K4
Phone: 306-692-6160
Fax: 306-692-6164

Dr. Chiasson,a licensed naturopathic doctor opened her practice in Moose
Jaw in 2003 and in January 2012 opened her own clinic on Main Street. She
uses the Indigo Biofeedback scan along with a verbal consulation and
provides her patients with a printed report. Along with the scan, she
incorporates acupuncture, natural supplements, homeopathy, detoxification
and nutritional training. She has had great success with her nutritional
plans and many patients have seen changes in their weight, blood pressure,
blood sugars and cholesterol levels. She also specializes in gut issues
from gas, bloating, IBS to cleaning up C-Difficile, creating more energy
and better absorption and excretion. The clinic also offers colon
hydrotherapy by a licensed colon hydrotherapist.

Lynn Chiasson offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Colonics, Homeopathic Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Natural Supplementation

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