Timothy Test, PHD

Dr. Timothy Test, PHD
122 Baltimore St
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 17325
Phone: (717) 473-4980
Fax: (717) 473-4978

Dr. Test’s extensive experience in Psychology, Medicine, and natural healing methods has prepared him well for working with clients in overcoming obstacles to their success. He has years of personal experience and working with clients in helping them overcome difficult life challenges. Dr. Test has intimate knowledge of the effects of stress, fatigue, lowered self-image, and loss of direction. Dr.

Test utilizes a holistic biopsychosocial strategy for mastering him or herself, regaining direction, improving productivity, and overall health and well-being. By helping the client explore their vision, together a plan is developed that will maximize rates of success while avoiding pitfalls encountered in the past.

Dr. Timothy R. Test, Sr. , specializes in psychoneuroimmunology and reducing the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and over health and well-being. Dr. Test’s credentials are extensive. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Russian and a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from Utah State University. He received his Ph. D. in Rehabilitation Counseling/Counseling Psychology, and has done post-Doctoral studies in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine at Northcentral University, researching the efficacy of hypnosis on pain through the lowering of stress levels and raising self-esteem, as well as the effects of negative emotions and stress on the immunological response.

In addition, Dr. Test earned his Doctor of Naturopathy and Master Herbalist degrees from Trinity College of Natural Health. He is a Certified Life Coach, Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, and Adjunct Professor.

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