WendyLeigh White, ND

Dr. WendyLeigh White, ND
4110 Se Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon, 97214
Phone: (503) 433-5200

Few of us have been taught to understand the interconnected systems of our body — that’s the very reason I struggled to uncover the root of my chronic health problems earlier in my life. We’ve become accustomed to mask our symptoms rather than understand their source. My fundamental belief is that you know your body better than any healthcare provider ever can, me included. Your body already has the essential building blocks to heal.

My job is to help you tune in to the signals it’s sending you so you can respond, gain relief from chronic conditions and achieve optimum vitality. Throughout my blog articles, Tune into Your Body podcast (coming soon), and online wellness courses, the topics of individualized nutrition, finding balance and integrating mindfulness are common themes.

Dr WendyLeigh White, a licensed Naturopathic (Nature-o-pathic) Doctor (ND) and nondiet, weight-neutral nutritionist, takes a holistic approach to healing.

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