Sarah Noseworthy, ND

Dr. Sarah Noseworthy, ND
7150 Sw Hampton St Ste 113
Tigard, Oregon, 97223
Phone: (503) 268-1305
Fax: (503) 961-7991

Dr. Sarah’s treatment philosophy comes from her own life experiences. In her early years, she had a rocky health history, filled with tests, doctors, and frustrations that told her the symptoms she experienced were all in her head. She felt nauseous almost every morning, and she missed about a third of middle school feeling ill. Finally, in her mid-twenties, after ten years of frustration, she discovered that she had food sensitivities.

In her journey to find solutions, she researched many types of medicine, but when she discovered Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, they changed her life. That’s why she practices differently from other doctors. She studied a system of medicine focused on reducing the impact of underlying stresses that cause symptoms to occur – one which supports your body’s ability to heal. Dr. Sarah Noseworthy is an Oregon-licensed, Board Certified Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist.

She created Spire Holistic Health with the belief that unmanaged chronic stress is the underlying reason for most health symptoms to occur. Chronic stress disrupts the neuroendocrine system and leads to break down. Stressors in your environment, combined with vulnerabilities in your body, shift your body’s protective ability into something more destructive. When that happens, your body needs additional support to get back on track.

Dr. Sarah is proud to be that additional support and guide in her patient’s journey of wellness. Each person responds to stress differently and deserves individualized care to accomplish health goals. This personal approach allows Dr. Sarah to help people with a wide variety of needs including addressing acute and chronic pain, overcoming long-term hormone imbalance, improving mood and energy, and supporting overall wellness.

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