Noel Peterson, ND

Dr. Noel Peterson, ND
320 Oswego Pointe Dr
Lake Oswego, Oregon, 97034
Phone: (503) 636-2734
Fax: (503) 636-3250

As a specialist in regenerative medicine, I use my 42 years of clinical expertise to successfully relieve joint pain and restore function. I use a full range of cell-based therapies, including Prolotherapy, PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Adipose Derived Stem Cells to regenerate tissues and relieve pain and successfully avoid knee or hip joint replacements. We optimize results by using enhanced nutrition and optimized hormones so that your body can marshall it’s most effective healing response.

Dr. Peterson’s passion for medicine is finding the source causes of his patients’ conditions. To accomplish this, he first listens to the patients’ story, learning the nuances of their physical and emotional condition. He openly thinks out loud, letting the client know what he’s thinking, what tests are appropriate, and maps out a strategy to find the source and resolution of their condition. He utilizes all manner of physical and laboratory testing to discover the metabolic, nutritional, hormonal and mechanical disorders of his patients.

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