Kacy L. Borba Spann, ND, LAC

Dr. Kacy L. Borba Spann, ND, LAC
4004 Se Woodstock Blvd 4
Portland, Oregon, 97202
Phone: (503) 777-0444

Dr. Kacy is a generalist at heart and loves seeing all ages and stages though tends to most often treat pain and psychospiritual issues. She is a very hands-on practitioner with a strong belief in the value of therapeutic touch which can include: acupuncture, non-insertive acupuncture, bodywork including craniosacral, injection therapy, spinal manipulation, nasal specifics, holistic pelvic therapy.

dr. kacy loves working with people who are interested in their own healing and who understand that health is a life-long journey requiring more care as we age and are not just looking for a quick fix. dr. kacy really enjoys working with people who want agency over their healthcare and want to be informed, active participants in their healthcare decisions. It’s essential to dr. kacy that her patients feel supported by this partnership.

Whether the healing work spans a day or many years, it’s essential to dr. kacy that each patient feels heard, supported, and tended to in each encounter.

Kacy l. borba spann (she/they) of Quercus Natural Health, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist practicing adjunctive healthcare in Portland, Oregon at Pohala Clinic in the Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood and Portland Family Health in the Woodstock neighborhood. Adjunctive care means that Dr. kacy does not practice primary care. dr. kacy hails from a big family in a small town.

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