Ellen Sauter, ND

Dr. Ellen Sauter, ND
The Benchmark Clinic Of Integrative Medicine
2456 Nw Northrup Ste 1A
Portland, Oregon, 97210
Phone: (503) 223-7067
Fax: (503) 223-9639

My practice philosophy revolves around the knowledge that the simplest therapies generally work the best, but if more aggressive methods, such as prescription drugs are required, I utilize those as well. I always try to use the gentlest effective means to accomplish the goal. My job is about discovery—finding the underlying cause of a patient’s problems and giving them the proper counsel and the proper tools to heal it at the cellular level.

This is fascinating and joyful work to me!.

Much of my life has been devoted to studying biological sciences and medicine, and I am passionate about this work. I graduated from Washington State University with a BS degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology, after receiving an AA degree in Business Administration. I have a strong background in both business and hard science. I’ve donated thousands of volunteer hours teaching and counseling in various capacities, including in my church, and as a lay counselor for battered women and victims of sexual assault.

My doctoral (ND) degree is from National College of Natural Medicine, a fully accredited, four-year post-graduate medical program where I was trained to practice general medicine. My training also included extensive work in counseling, nutritional, botanical, homeopathic, and physical medicine, and I am licensed in Oregon as a primary care physician. My husband and I have three children and one precious grandchild.

In my free time I enjoy family gatherings, hiking mountains and shorelines, practicing gentle yoga, cooking, and creating delicious recipes free of milk and wheat.

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