Colleen Tyler, ND

Dr. Colleen Tyler, ND
4847 Meadows Rd
Lake Oswego, Oregon, 97035
Phone: (971) 330-8578
Fax: (971) 330-8579

As a naturopathic doctor I am dedicated to providing supportive, individualized care to bring optimal health to each patient. With a comprehensive, whole-person assessment we work together to develop natural approaches to empower you to create health, longevity and vitality in your life. We respectfully take into account each patient’s physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors when working on a treatment plan.

Our goal is to address underlying causes of imbalance and illness and we use natural approaches to restore optimal functioning and health. I know that nutrition is fundamental to healing and we are experts in helping you formulate a diet and lifestyle that enhance immune system functioning and restore health, balance and energy to your life. I take into account that for true wellness we have to address the mind, body and soul together, as the imbalance in one can create imbalance throughout the individual.

I look forward to caring for you & your loved ones.

It was the fascination and beauty of our natural world that originally drew Dr. Colleen to naturopathic medicine. Now, as a doctor she strives to harness that natural healing power to create individualized and holistic treatments for her patients. Dr. Colleen’s calling to become a natural healer started at a young age and continued to blossom throughout her life. Understanding the magical healing powers of nature became more prevalent as she grew and spent time exploring the great outdoors on many adventurous journeys.

She received a major in Biology with a minor in chemistry at OSU and continued on to get a Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine at NCNM. After graduating she completed a 2 year certified post-doctoral residency training with A Family Healing Center. Today she happily practice family medicine at Troutdale Naturopathic Medicine. When she is not tending to her patients, she is a mother, an avid hiker, a pilot, an aerial artist and gardener.

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