Amy Kelchner, ND

Dr. Amy Kelchner, ND
1944 Ne 45Th Ave
Portland, Oregon, 97213
Phone: (971) 319-0045
Fax: (503) 296-5712

Hello, I’m Dr. Amy Kelchner, a naturopathic physician and energy worker with over twenty years of experience in the healthcare field. I have had a diverse naturopathic family practice in northern California for the past decade and am delighted to come back home to beautiful Portland and join my good friend and colleague in practice at the Amber Wellness Group. One of the most important things I’ve gained over the years is the profound understanding that healing happens within.

It is not something I do to someone else. My job is to work with each person to devise a plan that will help relieve them of their suffering, so they can bring their greatest potential into this world. I want to help remove the obstacles that make people sick. Sometimes the obstacles are emotional, sometimes they are dietary or structural or habitual. Other times they are environmental. Often they are complex.

Whether working with children or adults, I strive to stay present to each person’s potential and in search of the tools that will help get them there. My goal for each person is to build abundant resilience and a strong internal environment. Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually. When we develop resilience, we can maintain balance even in the face of discord. When we nurture the internal environment instead of suppressing symptoms, the body learns to manage illness and handle stressors.

This is how we build skills and are better able to handle the next virus, toxin, or stressful situation that comes along. I do this from the seat of family doctor. I offer consultations and exams during times of sickness and health. I work with acute and chronic symptoms, physical, mental/emotional, and behavioral concerns. I work with both children and adults and offer nutrition guidance, herbal and supplement prescriptions, homeopathy, and craniosacral therapy.

I love to do vaccine consultations to help parents make these difficult and important decisions. I am passionate about my work with children because I know it can make a lifetime of difference. I often work with people who are experiencing fatigue, difficulty managing stress, chronic pain, or headaches. I work with all manner of diagnoses, and mostly, I work with people. I love to hear people’s stories, teach them about their bodies, and witness their healing.

I consider life an ongoing discovery, and am profoundly devoted to the beautiful, messy process. My work is in service to human evolution and deeply dedicated to the living earth.

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