Tasha Robinson, ND

Dr. Tasha Robinson, ND
Finding Wellness
501 Krug Street, Unit 203
Kitchener, Ontario, N2B 1L3
Phone: (519) 729-7169

Tasha currently practices in KitchenerOntario, where she integrates Naturopathic medicine with Auricular & Bioenergetic medicine and Energy medicine. She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine with a doctorate degree in 2017. She did her clinical externship and Auricular and Bioenergetic medicine training with Dr’s Mikhael Adams, N. D. and Alison Feather Adams D. Ac. She bases the foundation of her energy medicine assessment and philosophy from her training with Donna Eden in her 2 year certification program.

She has spent time training with local experts in Cranial Sacral therapy, Herbalism and unique forms of Acupuncture theory and treatment. Over the many years of exploring health and wellness, this simple truth anchor the body and spirit will follow has become a foundation for Tasha. She has found that when the physical body is nourished and functioning harmoniously, all of the other aspects of self (mental, emotional, and spiritual) are supported to be equal expressions in life.

In order to reverse a disease process in the body, Tasha believes it is imperative to work with the wisdom of the body to guide the process and inform the best treatment approach. She feels individualized medicine is harnessing a collection of the how, what and why which is information held within each person. For Tasha, the first step in any healing journey, is to connect to the body, learn the language and the many ways it communicates.

Then find what prevents the person from being well and open the dialogue to change. Next, is to create the internal and external environment necessary to lift the blockages with lifestyle changes, remedies, physical treatment and clear intention to allow the process to unfold as needed. With each step in the process, greater clarity exist and the processes of self healing gains momentum and becomes the leading force in the body.

Whether a person is in a state of illness or wanting to stay healthy there is a constant evolution that must be honoured. Tasha believes we have the capacity to overcome the most difficult of circumstances in a way that brings greater alignment and personal integrity in ones life.

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