Nadia Kumentas, BHSc, ND

Nadia Kumentas, BHSc, ND
Zen Beginnings
697 Mt Pleasant. Rd
Toronto, Ontario, M4S2N4
Phone: 416-480-9366

Dr. Nadia Kumentas graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto where she currently resides and practices. A long time athlete and health advocate, Dr. Kumentas’ goal is to help her patients become excited about making positive lifestyle choices in order to enjoy healthier, happier lives. She has a mutual respect for both traditional medicine and alternative medicine, and believes both can be used synergistically to provide a more complete wellness plan for patients. Her driving force is a passion for healing the whole person on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level using carefully selected natural therapies, fitness, and integrated medicine. She truly believes in the importance of practising what you preach and investing in your health. ??

Dr. Nadia Kumentas has a special interest in dermatology, woman\’s health, and pain management.

Nadia Kumentas offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Counseling, Environmental Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Hormonal Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Internal Medicine, Mesotherapy, Natural Childbirth, Natural Supplementation, Oriental Medicine, Pain Management, Physical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine

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