Marnie Luck, ND

Dr. Marnie Luck, ND
Annex Naturopathic Clinic
572 Bloor St
Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1K1
Phone: (416) 527-3036
Fax: (647) 689-2061

Marnie Luck offers the following therapies: Therapeutic Prescribing

As an ND, Dr. Marnie Luck plays an integral role in her patient’s circle of care. Whether it be implementing a naturopathic treatment that resolves a chronic health concern, helping someone modify their diet and lifestyle habits to get them back on track, or providing adjunctive care to their existing medical treatment- individuals start feeling better and they’re better able to enjoy their lives.

She strives to stay up to date with leading medical knowledge through clinical research and attending various integrative medicine conferences throughout Canada and the US. Her goal is not only to help her patients understand the root causes of their health concerns but also understand how her treatment approaches strengthen and restore health. Dr. Marnie Luck addresses all types of health concerns, however, she has a special interest in digestive issues, women’s health (menopause, menstrual concerns, and fertility) and weight management.

Restoring hormonal balance is an important aspect of patient care and if indicated, Dr. Luck may prescribe bioidentical hormones (estrogen, progesterone and thyroid hormone). Detoxification is an underlying focus in her practice as the ubiquitous exposure of toxins in our society is intrinsically linked to hormone dysregulation and chronic disease. Outside the office, Dr. Luck leads an active, outdoor lifestyle in Toronto.

She’s an active member of the Toronto female motorcycle community, an avid yogi, and aspiring sailor. She also volunteers with various community organizations in Toronto by teaching monthly yoga classes and facilitating workshops on Nutrition. Dr. Marnie Luck completed her undergraduate degree at McGill University and then went on to receive her degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

She is licensed to practice under the governing body of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. She is currently a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She has written and passed the Therapeutics Prescribing examination that is required for Naturopathic Doctors to prescribe medications such as bioidentical hormones and provide injectable therapies.

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese

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