Liam LaTouche, ND

Dr. Liam LaTouche, ND
Rooted Naturopathic Clinic
93 Bell Farm Road, Unit 103
Barrie, Ontario, L4M 5G1
Phone: (705) 792-6717

Liam LaTouche offers the following therapies: Therapeutic Prescribing

Dr Liam LaTouche is a naturopathic doctor, fitness professional, speaker, and all-round health and happiness advocate. In addition to managing a private practice with an emphasis on weight management, reducing pain (injuries, fibromyalgia), boosting energy (thyroid problems, chronic fatigue syndrome), and managing stress, he is highly sought to speak at wellness events. Dr Liam is also the co-founder and CEO of Thrive Workplace Wellness, where he enhances the health, performance, and resiliency of corporations and workforces.

Using an integrative and personalized approach to medicine, Dr Liam helps people thrive in their lives through optimized health and well-being.

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