Hayhlee Clarence, ND

Dr. Hayhlee Clarence, ND
The Clara Clinic
623 Gerrard St. E
Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1Y2
Phone: (647) 954-1639
Fax: (647) 689-7213

Hayhlee Clarence offers the following therapies: Therapeutic Prescribing

Focus: Cancer Care, Autoimmune Disease, Hormonal Health (Perimenopause/Menopause)Dr. Clarence received her Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. During training she spent time learning from Naturopathic Doctors in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, and South Africa. In her final year as a clinical intern she was chosen to work on the Adjunctive Cancer Care (ACC) shift, where she not only had the opportunity to work exclusively with patients affected by cancer, but to shadow Oncologists practicing in Sunnybrook’s Breast Cancer Centre.

In addition to the ACC shift, she actively pursued placement at the Sherbourne HIV clinic where I was able to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience supporting HIV+ patients. Dr. Clarence primarily works with people who have been affected by cancer; supporting patients who have a strong family history of cancer, previously had cancer, or are in the midst of an active diagnosis and treatment. She also reserves a portion of her practice for anyone with an autoimmune disease or hormonal dysfunction (including perimenopause and menopause).

She follows the best available evidence to formulate a safe care plan unique to each patient’s needs and goals.

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