Arlie Millyard, ND

Dr. Arlie Millyard, ND
Toronto, Ontario,
Phone: (647) 467-1306

Meet Arlie Millyard, a naturopathic doctor, LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusion and equity expert and cauliflower enthusiast. Arlie helps folks who feel alienated and unseen in health and wellness spaces work towards wellness on their own terms, so they can feel comfortable and empowered in their bodies. Arlie particularly loves guiding patients’ journeys to digestive health, working on stress management and stress-aggravated conditions, and helping those with complex chronic illness learn to manage their symptoms at their own pace.

Arlie’s signature non-judgemental, highly individualized style makes every patient feel in control. Her patients’ love Arlie because of her ability to explain exactly what’s going on in your body, matter-of-fact acceptance of every individual, and unshakeable commitment to helping wellness misfits take control of their health and live their lives authentically.

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