Steven Cohen, DC

Dr. Steven Cohen, DC
3100 S Memorial Dr
Greenville, North Carolina, 27834
Phone: (252) 329-7246
Fax: (919) 882-8477

There is an energy or life force that created us (all 70 trillion cells that we are made of) from two cells (sperm and egg cells). This energy or innate intelligence continues to support you throughout life and allows you to grow, develop, heal, and express your every potential. This life force coordinates all cells, tissues, muscles and organs by sending specific, moment by moment communication via the nervous system.

If the nervous system is over-stressed or interfered with in any way, then your life force messages will not be properly expressed. Most often the initial stages of an overloaded nerve system go unnoticed because there are no symptoms. Eventually this may show up as fatigue, shortness of breath, poor sleep, tense muscles, inflexibility, pain, sleeplessness, lack of desire sexually, attention issues, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, or nearly any illness or dysfunction you can think of.

Dr. Cohen is here to guide you through this process to find the right treatment for YOUR individual body and health condition.

Dr. Steven Cohen has practiced integrative and physical medicine for 33 years now, and has continued his studies in functional or alternative medicine, clinical Neurology, blood laboratory analysis, nonsurgical disc treatment, non invasive medical procedures, and autoimmune diseases.

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