Dorette Lewis-Senior, ND

Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior, ND
1400 Pelham Pkwy S
Bronx, New York, 10461
Phone: (347) 843-0789

My approach to a patient’s decisions about their treatment plan is freedom of choice. I use several modalities and I allow my patients the comfort of chosing what they will comply with.

My goal is to help you obtain your desired health goal as quickly and as complete as possible. I use a very simple rule that is very practical for most of my patients; initial visit; return visit in 2 weeks, follow-up in 1 month, complete program in 3 months. Evaluate progress and maintain wellness program. I became a doctor after being a nurse for many years. I wanted to give my patients more than pharmaceuticals.

I worked in all areas of nursing even during my training to become a naturopathic doctor. This allowed be the great advantage of excellent beside manners, deep compassion and the ability to care for the whole family, from birth to seniors, male and female. My clinical background has the benefit of extensive conventional knowledge and experience as well as un-conventional knowledge and experience. I have the benefits of having rotations and internships in hospital settings, community clinics, home visits, birthing centers as well as private offices.

I have worked professional with other healthcare provides and this allows me the ease of collaborating care when necessary. I am an excellent communicator.

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