Kyle Meyer, ND

Dr. Kyle Meyer, ND
2106 New Rd Ste E2
Linwood, New Jersey, 08221
Phone: (609) 732-0708
Fax: (609) 732-0709

My care philosophy is to provide patients with options. Being trained in both traditional and natural therapies provides me a unique advantage to give people a choice on how they’d like to address their health, traditionally or naturally. After people recover from their health imbalance, my goal is educate them on how to maintain health exercise, food as medicine and minimal supplementation.

After graduation from National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), I did a 2-year AANMC-accredited residency in functional medicine at Progressive Medical Center. Following my residency, I spent 4 years doing integrative and functional medicine at the Magaziner Center for Wellness. Throughout the last several years, my clinical training has included a wide diversity of medical conditions. Despite the condition however, I’ve found that management of gut issues and an in-depth evaluation and management of hormones, including Vitamin D, sex hormones, and thyroid hormone and nutrients via traditional blood testing is paramount.

Although hormone imbalances, gut issues and medical cannabis are considered my specialty, I’ve also had extensive experience in heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease and other tick borne infections, mold/mycotoxin illness, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular risk reduction. Reach out now to schedule an appointment or find me on social media and get to know me.

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