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I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to change the future of their health so the things they hope are going to be true in five years can become a reality. If you are living with pain, watching your health decline, or facing a future where aging means more symptoms with more medications or surgery, my work offers you a different way forward. I help my clients by using a step-by-step system that has proven success in thousands of patients.

First, we address and correct poor function in the body rather than just alter your symptoms or your labs with medication and address the body as a whole so you reach the destination of better health. Each step will help you implement scientifically-proven methods to restore body function, build a foundation for health, and address the underlying cause of your health decline. It’s like getting turn-by-turn directions.

You can’t make it to the destination if you don’t have all the directions or if they are out of order in any way.

I figured out at a young age that in order to change the future of my health and make it something different, I had to DO something different. I was at a fork in the road. Up to this point, I had been handling things with a traditional mindset around healthcare. We go to our doctors and expect them to fix us. We expect them to give us some prescription that’s going to make everything OK. And we expect our insurance to pay for it all.

But here’s a question I had to ask myself: Apart from crisis intervention with events like a heart attack or severe infection, are prescription medications that we rely on to get health back really fixing the underlying cause of the symptoms Or are they just masking the symptoms in a temporary wayI started thinking about it like a check engine light in your car. The light is the symptom that there is something wrong.

Imagine if we took our car to the mechanic but instead of fixing the cause of the check engine light, the mechanic merely reset the light using a computer and said everything was okay. What do you think would happen if you continued driving your car That’s right: the light would come back on. Why does the light come back on Because the cause of the problem was never addressed. Doesn’t that sound just like when we take a medication to eliminate a symptom The next morning, what do we have to do again We have to take the same medication.

Because if we don’t, what’s going to happen The symptom is going to come right back. That’s because these medications are not addressing the underlying cause. Now let’s be clear, I’m not saying there isn’t a time for medication. When there is a crisis, our traditional healthcare system does an amazing job at putting us back together. I’ve been there. A few times, actually. But what about when we develop chronic health issues and chronic symptoms Or when we lose our health over time with symptoms like weight gain, chronic pain and low energy I had a car accident at 19 years old that I never really recovered from.

The extent of my injuries was not obvious and I needed someone to take a closer look. That wasn’t happening and I suffered with chronic pain, migraines, and debilitating anxiety for years and as a very young adult. Taking one drug after another was not resolving the problem. When I look around, pain is an epidemic, obesity is climbing fast, diabetes has tripled, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer are all continuing to get worse.

So, it comes back to the fork in the road. I wanted different results and I knew that meant I had to do something different. My insurance would pay for more medication, but my health continued to decline. I started getting shuffled around from one specialist, then another, and no one could give me answers only more options for medication to manage my issues instead of resolve them. I had to be willing to invest in my health.

Because Insurance doesn’t pay for what it takes to resolve the underlying cause. It doesn’t pay for us to take control of our greatest asset: our health. So, what did it look like to really take control of my healthIt started with understanding which factors had the biggest influence on my health. At the time, I didn’t know that a majority of symptoms that people are facing today are connected to diseases that are called lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle includes what we eat, how we use our body, and how we manage stress. These factors dramatically affect the function of our bodies. If we aren’t conscious of our choices, we can lose our health over time. That’s exactly what was happening to me until I made the decision to focus on the cause and reverse the downward spiral of health I was experiencing. Up to that point, I had felt lost in the system and was losing hope.

Taking this new direction changed that for me. Now, I help people take charge of their health in the same way I reclaimed my own.

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