Leah Linder, ND

Dr. Leah Linder, ND
556 California Ave
Reno, Nevada, 89509
Phone: (530) 414-9812

It is my philosophy that we are an extensive network of systems and all parts must be nourished to be whole. So many patients come to me after they’ve been told that there’s nothing they can do about their condition or worse, being told their is nothing medically wrong with them. But your symptoms should not be ignored.

Hello. I’m Dr. Leah Linder, a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, author, speaker, and adventure enthusiast. I am committed to helping you build the best model of health for yourself, your WHOLE self – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is my job to incorporate the medical science behind your symptoms, along with the data you provide (i. e. , your story), and put it all together to give you a complete picture of your current state of health, what to do to heal and how you can prevent what might be coming down the pipeline in the future.

Together we get to the root-cause of your symptoms and begin the true healing process. Visit Anü Natural Health online and read more about root-cause medicine, Dr. Linder, and her approach to wellness.

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