Kristin Becker, ND

Kristin Becker, ND
Kristin Becker
775 Edmund Ave
St. Paul, Minnesota, 55104
United States
Phone: 651-340-4145

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  1. Diane Johnson says:

    I have a grandson that has suffered with eosinophilic esophagitis all his life. He is 10 years old. The medical model doesn’t seem to be working for him and I am trying to find if there is alternative medicine out there that could possibly help him. He drinks a steroid “slurry” twice a day so he can eat, but his last scope was not good.

    Hunter is his name. He has encoperesis at this point and is suffering from extreme constipation. They are giving him miralax & senna daily and it does nothing. He has a bowel movement every two or three weeks and then they give him a cleanse with a fleets enema or mag citrate. Even this doesn’t help him go.

    Do you help people with digestive disorders?

    Another problem is that my daughter and her husband do not have any money to throw at this problem. I am wondering how you get paid and if I could just get a consult with you to at least get some advice. I am a retired nurse and am well aware that the medical model definitely doesn’t work much of the time.

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