Gail Kopin Will

Gail Kopin Will - Naturopathic Doctor

Gail Kopin Will, Mobile – Naturopath
B WellMobile, Inc.
609 S. Dunton Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone: 847-347-3577
Cell: 847-347-3577

I am a seasoned integrated practitioner of 27 years. Previous Business Owner of 4 Oral Speech Therapy Centers Kopin Myology, and Alternative Health Associates, which was an integrated Wellness Centers. I am currently working on a new innovative model of delivery. B WellMobile, Inc. providing Healthy House Calls & B Well Screenings. Serving the public since 1989,and an professional speaker, educator in dental, wellness, and health areas. A licensed dental hygienist, board certified Oral Myologist, and since 2004 a Registered/Certified Naturopathic Practitioner. I have worked in a medical clinic and along side many doctors of my 27 years. My passion is to help many find root causes to diseases, work on reversing and restoring ones health with an integrated approach. I work on finding the answers to why someone is not well. I provide wellness screenings, HTMA hair tissue analysis, education, environmental health about water, molds, etc. I work on specified supplementation, herbals, anti-aging, and rebalancing ones life. Having my own true health – life story about severe chronic diseases, life adversity, I provide many with hope and healing and how one can gain ones “healthy back”.

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