Terry Burke, DC

Dr. Terry Burke, DC
3100 Channing Way
Idaho Falls, Idaho, 83404
Phone: (208) 542-6564
Fax: (208) 542-6571

The patient chooses the type of care they are seeking, whether they chose short time acute care for their present condition/symptoms called relief care or corrective care, they decide. As a chiropractic orthopedist, it is my job to provide natural treatment to the person and do all that I can if possible to keep a person off of the operating table. Some patients each year have let their spinal conditions deteriorate to the point that surgery is their last resort.

Being a naturalist, my philosophy has always been, chiropractic 1 st, medicine 2 nd, and surgery last. I have a great working repore with my medical associates that I refer to.

I grew up under chiropractic care, it was only natural that I become one.

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