Leslie Gaskill, MD

Dr. Leslie Gaskill, MD
1000 Johnson Ferry Rd
Atlanta, Georgia, 30342
Phone: (770) 495-9995

OUR VISION OF SERVICEWe are real human beings with a passion for taking care of others! We are advanced in our practice approach and skills and we treat a wide range of illnesses both acute and chronic from strep throat, urinary tract infections, to pneumonia, diabetes, asthma, allergies, gynecological care, and more. We practice both traditional and western medicine, as well as integrative, functional, naturopathic and holistic.

It is imperative to find the physiological imbalances in the body and fix these imbalances. A patient needs to know what he or she can do proactively to help fix these imbalances. PHYSICIAN-PATIENT PARTNERSHIPIt is important to us that we get to know our patients and understand their day to day routines, and lifestyles. After all, so many diseases are exacerbated and even caused by environmental and situational stressors in a patient’s life.

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