Jamie Ahn

Jamie Ahn - Naturopathic Doctor

Jamie Ahn, ND – Naturopathic doctor
Good News Naturopathic Clinic
83 East Ave STE 209
Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone: 203-450-6463
Fax: 203-900-8747
Cell: 201-925-5070
E-Mail: DrJamieAhn@gmail.com
Website: DrJamieAhn.com

As a Naturopathic medicine physician in the state of Connecticut, Dr. Ahn sees patients with difficult cases of chronic diseases or who have tried many conventional treatments or testings but failed to find the answer. As a mental health specialist, she believe in curing the body holistically because only in a healthy body can a healthy mind reside. She employs many different types of functional and nutritional medicine approaches to find the root causes of individual patients’ chronic health illnesses and then to reestablish their health. Acupuncture is another great modality that Dr. Ahn employs. With her background in both Western and Eastern Medicines, she will know exactly when and how to use these modalities to improve and speed up the the healing process.

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