Jacqueline Thomas, ND

Dr. Jacqueline Thomas, ND
Jacqueline Thomas, Nd
2433 W 44Th Ave
Denver, Colorado, 80211
Phone: (720) 613-5691
Fax: (844) 663-7878

Jacqueline Thomas offers the following therapies: Digestive Disorders, Stress / Anxiety, Autoimmune Disease, Cancer

I spend a lot of time working with patients to understand all aspects of their disease process, and to get an understanding of when and where their ailments began. This is done via comprehensive lab work interpretations, lab orders, thorough case histories and follow up check ins. In comprehensive healing, it’s very important to address the mental and spiritual components of the self, as these are often the barriers to cure for many individuals.

Living and thriving in today’s world is quite complex, and I strive to help patients figure out the best way to achieve health in modern times.

Dr. Jacqueline Thomas received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in June 2014. Shortly following her graduation, her brother was diagnosed with what sadly became terminal cancer; she was alongside him throughout his entire diagnosis. This experience has inevitably molded and shaped who she is, not only as a person but as a doctor, as well. In the 5 years since, she has run and managed her own 5-star private practice in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Jacqueline has worked with world-renowned authors in alternative cancer therapy and has also worked extensively in immune and infectious health, digestive disease, endocrine dysfunction, environmental toxicity, cardiovascular disease, mental health, diet & nutrition, and the integration of spirituality into total body health. She has also taught higher level education courses in integrative cancer and nutrition therapy.

Dr. Jacqueline wakes up each day and believes that her ability to act as a healer isn’t just restricted to appointments, but can be integrated into everything she does. Her passions outside of naturopathic medicine are abundant, but she is anchored deeply in the process of creating, whether it be painting, photography, yoga, writing, or holistic culinary art. She has a daily practice devoted to maintaining her own spiritual growth so that she can continue to share authentic light and insights to those she loves and works with.

Dr. Jacqueline is blessed with a rescue dog named Otis who inspires her to get outside and soak life up every, single day.

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