Sarah Williams, ND

Dr. Sarah Williams, ND
4515 Sherman Oaks Ave
Sherman Oaks, California, 91403
Phone: (760) 932-0849
Fax: (760) 292-2003

My goal is to help you reach optimal health. I do this by removing obstacles and encouraging the body’s natural healing process. I am trained as a primary care provider with a specialty in integrative and preventative medicine. I listen to what makes you, YOU, so that I successfully understand the root cause of your health concerns. Since we are complex & interconnected systems, I delve deep into our physiology to provide you the best solutions possible.

I utilize nutrition, lifestyle interventions, targeted supplementation, mind-body medicine, and herbal formulations. The result is an individualized, effective treatment plan to help you along your journey to health. We will work together to integrate mind-body-spirit and empower the healing within you.

Dr. Sarah Williams found her passion for Naturopathic Medicine by witnessing the profound impact it has on herself as well as her closest friends and family. This led to her earning a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) degree from Bastyr University California. Prior to medical school, Dr. Williams received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, San Diego in Physiology & Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology.

Her path to Naturopathic Medicine included working as a medical assistant and managing front desk operations for an Orthopaedic clinic in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Williams also volunteered abroad in Nicaragua for a health brigade. While in medical school, her most impactful experience was serving as a peer counselor for first year medical students. This opportunity strengthened her ability to listen to the needs of others.

Her experience ranges from biofeedback, craniosacral therapy, digestive disorders, mood support, autoimmune diseases, adrenal and thyroid health, as well as general nutrition and preventative/integrative medicine. Dr. Williams feels strongly about equality of healthcare and serving those that are in need at community clinics. After seeing hundreds of patients, she truly believes in treating the whole person and stimulating the healing power of nature using the least invasive methods possible.

Through determining the root cause and patient education, she feels that dis-ease can often be prevented. Dr. Williams strives to put you at-ease and guide you along your own journey of healing.

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