Christoph Kind, ND

Christoph Kind, ND
3738 Minto Rd
Courtenay, British Columbia, V9N9P8
Phone: 250-336-8349
Fax: 250-336-8748

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5 comments on “Christoph Kind
  1. Anna Deschenes says:

    Good Day Dr. Kind,

    I heard that you might do Prolo or Prolozone therapy.

    I learned about Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP,through the Plant Medicine Summit.

    Which one (s)do you do. I’m under Veteran’s affair but they don’t cover PRP. I’m 60+ and have lot of wear and tear to cover, I’m tryin to remain active.

  2. David McKenzie says:

    I would like to get back on chelation therapy that I started in 2020 for my leg circulation.
    If I could get an appointment on a Wednesday that would be great.
    I have a recent physical to bring you.

    Thank you.
    David McKenzie.

  3. David McKenzie says:

    David McKenzie

    I screwed up, sorry about that.
    I thought my appointment was next Wednesday April 6.
    Can you switch my appointment to the same time on April 6?


  4. Linda Hazen says:

    I was wondering if you have treatment options available for Breast Cancer and swollen lymph nodes? The oncologist said we can still try chemotherapy and possible radiation, but the cancer is no longer able to have surgery. He said as of now, I have 1-2 years life expectancy.

  5. Carrie Ingrisano says:

    Hello Christopher,

    This is Carrie Ingrisano from Marigold Functional Medicine in Nanaimo.
    I have reviewed Diane Lennox’s labs and would like to speak with you about organizing the best of care for her going forward.

    Feel free to email, or call my cell at 250-618-7223 when you have time. Or, we could set up a phone call through our office administrators: Robin at 250-585-0497. /

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