Brittany Schamerhorn, ND

Dr. Brittany Schamerhorn, ND
Balance Medical Center
2201 W. Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6K 2E4
Phone: (604) 569-0488

Fiskco Health + Performance
#7 – 5078 47A Avenue Ladner , BC V4K 1T8
(604) 946-3713

Brittany Schamerhorn offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, IV Therapy , Prescriptive Authority

Dr. Brittany Schamerhorn practices family medicine with special interests in hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal concerns & conditions, autoimmune disease and mental health. As a primary care naturopathic physician, support for both acute and chronic conditions is available. Dr. Schamerhorn is a dedicated physician who welcomes patients with a variety of health concerns and anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

It is her goal to motivate and inspire patients to take control of their health and wellness by empowering them with the right educational tools. She is currently accepting new patients at Balance Medical Center in Vancouver, BC. Please call 604-569-0488 to book your appointment. Some of the conditions Dr. Schamerhorn treats are: Hormone imbalances/Endocrine (Thyroid, adrenal, pancreas [blood sugar regulation], diabetes, etc.

)Digestion & Gastrointestinal (IBS, constipation, bloating, SIBO, gallstones, GERD, etc)Dysbiosis (bloating, candidia, fatigue, etc. )Mental health (Anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, etc. )Auto-immune (Thyroid, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes type I, etc)Allergies (food, eczema, seasonal, etc)Female Hormone Concerns (menopause, perimenopause, PMS, menstrual disorders, fibrocystic breasts, etc)Muscular/Skeletal/Pain (injuries, arthritis, tension, headaches, etc.

)Fatigue, athletes and improving general health (stress, sleep, nutrition, weight loss, etc. ).

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