Alexandra Power, ND, ND

Dr. Alexandra Power, ND, ND
Mint Integrative Health
485 – 1541 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia, V3H 5E3
Phone: (604) 469-1616

Alexandra Power offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, IV Therapy , Prescriptive Authority

I am passionate about the health and vitality of women and children, and as a naturopathic doctor, provide medical care that is naturally focused to make you feel like your optimal self! My areas of focus are as below, but not limited to:Women’s Health – including hormone imbalances, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), PMS, menopause, recurrent UTI’s, thyroid and adrenal conditions, sexual health and libido, weight loss and more.

Skin Health – including acne and eczemaChildren’s Health – including allergies, asthma, eczema, digestive abnormalities and behavioural disturbancesDigestive Health – including bloating, diarrhea / constipation and indigestionCorporate Wellness/ Entrepreneurs- including stress management, fatigue and performance optimizationVisit to learn more. I look forward to meeting, and working with you!.

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