Scott Maymon, NMD

Dr. Scott Maymon, NMD
1553 W Todd Dr Ste 106
Tempe, Arizona, 85283
Phone: (480) 427-0442

Removing obstacles to achieving health – helping patients recognize what in their lives can prevent them from achieving optimal health and working through it with them to overcome those obstaclesHealth is balance – health with the absence of disease is normalIndividualize each patient’s care– no two people have the exact same disease, pathology, history, and cause; thus, each treatment is individualizedMinimum dose – when you travel on a road trip, do you aim to use the least amount of gas or arrive in the least amount of time Life aims for this efficiency too! I take the time to apply critical thinking and knowledge to determine the most benefit with the least medicine without sacrificing the best health.

Resiliency – my goal with all patients is to build the best possible health foundation. When this is achieved, resiliency can be established, which means you are less likely to become ill or stay ill. And the best part is feeling great!.

I am a naturopathic physician who provides safe and effective natural and functional medicine to optimize health and maximize performance.

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