Kate Sage, NMD

Dr. Kate Sage, NMD
5675 North Oracle Road Suite 3101
Tucson, Arizona, 85704
Phone: (520) 333-3320
Fax: (520) 441-9433

Kate Sage offers the following therapies: Pediatrics, Stress / Anxiety, Digestive Disorders, Sleep Disorders

Dr. Sage will see your entire family, from newborn on up, but she has a specialty in, and love for, treating children. A Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Sage performs well baby and child checks, sports physicals, and other physical exams as needed. She may order general lab work or specialty labs to find a deeper cause of an issue. Especially with children, Dr. Sage’s approach is gentle— she believes your child’s system does not need to be overwhelmed by lots of supplements or treatments but instead will respond better to one or two options as needed.

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