Jason McNeil, NMD

Dr. Jason McNeil, NMD
7301 E Sundance Trl
Carefree, Arizona, 85377
Phone: (480) 473-4583
Fax: (480) 595-3284

The most valuable tool of any physician is the ability to listen with humility, respect and compassion. This alone helps most patients feel better, and allows the physician opportunity to diagnose without their ego getting in the way. The core philosophy of Naturopathy is to find and treat the cause of illness. When done properly, there is not many conditions that can’t be helped with natural therapies and behavior modification.

I do prescribe medications, with the intention of finding deeper cause and cure. This approach keeps most of my patients medication free. I typically get to know my patients at a more personal level, so when things start to go awry, illness can be recognized quickly, thus quickening recovery and helping to avoid chronic disease. I keep my mind and body healthy with whole, mostly raw organic foods, daily vinyasa yoga, meditation, and vigorous exercise.

A healthy doctor inspires and shows good leadership.

My name is Dr. Jason Mcneil, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor practicing primary care in Carefree Arizona. I, along with my wife Dr. Alexis Mcneil NMD, own North Valley Medical and Yoga Center where we have an 800SF heated Yoga Shala. We have a Sensory Deprivation Float Tank and a Medical Aesthetician. Check out our website and come join our community; see doctors who practice what they preach.

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