Dawn Bantel, NMD

Dr. Dawn Bantel, NMD
Mirasol Inc 10490 Escalante E
Tucson, Arizona, 85730
Phone: (520) 886-8828
Fax: (520) 203-0270

Dawn Bantel offers the following therapies: Depression, Stress / Anxiety, Adrenal Fatigue, Digestive Disorders, Women’s Health

I can help you achieve your health goals with integrative medicine. I use functional laboratory testing for assessment, combined with naturopathic treatments that can lead to profound and lasting healing. Here’s what to expect: our initial appointment is a deep dive in getting to know you and then I will present you with a treatment plan that is an overview of the testing and phases of treatment that I propose.

I do not have staff, so all interaction is direct with me and this permits me to be available and attentive to my patients.

I am obsessed with the intersection of mental and physical health. I have worked close to 20 years as the medical director of treatment centers helping people recover from depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use disorders, and eating disorders.

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