Marisa Hucal, ND

Dr. Marisa Hucal, ND
Calgary Integrative Medicine
4525 Monterey Ave Unit 230
Calgary, Alberta, T3B 0L4
Phone: (403) 202-7272

Marisa Hucal offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, IV Therapy, IV and Chelation Therapy, Naturopathic Injection Therapies, Manipulation, Minor Surgery

Dr. Marisa Hucal is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor born and raised in Calgary, AB. She obtained her Bachelor of Biological Sciences with Honors at the University of Calgary. Dr. Hucal then completed her academic and clinical studies of Naturopathic Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, BC. Her approach to medicine is science based, yet naturally focused. Dr. Hucal is known to be transparent with her patients to facilitate a collaborative health environment that both empowers her patients and allows them to take the steps that resonate and feel attainable.

Dr. Hucal’s healthcare model is one that is proactive rather than reactive, as she strives to optimize her patient’s wellbeing. Her clinical approach includes gathering a detailed health history, reinforced by any necessary labs and objective measures, to ensure well guided treatment plans that can be strategically monitored. Although Dr. Hucal is trained as a general practitioner, her clinical interests are rooted in cardiovascular health optimization, including blood pressure management, cholesterol control, weight optimization, and cardiovascular support following cardiac events.

Other interests include but aren’t limited to: stress management, digestive health, endocrine health, and men’s and women’s health.

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