Kathryn Doyle, ND, BA

Dr. Kathryn Doyle, ND, BA
Dr. Kathryn Doyle, Nd
Po Box 68096 Crowfoot.
Calgary, Alberta, T3G 3N8
Phone: (403) 768-1950

Calgary Integrative Medicine
230, 4525 Monterey Ave NW Calgary, AB T3B 0L4
(403) 202-7272

Since 2009, Dr. Kathryn Doyle, ND has been a trusted resource for parents who want to raise naturally healthy children, and reach their own peak health too. By focusing on the 3 core areas of building blocks (nutrition), body guards (healthy microbiome), and self-security (confidence in making health decisions), she teaches parents and kids how to activate the hidden and powerful ways the body protects and heals itself.

She offers both virtual and in-office consultations to help families overcome allergies, skin concerns, tummy aches, infections, and other common concerns that affect Alberta families. Because she believes that healthy kids build happy families. And happy families are the best medicine.

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