Naturopathic Doctors in Georgia

Joy S Edwards, NMD,DHM,RN, MPH

Dr. Joy S Edwards, NMD,DHM,RN, MPH
270 Carpenter Dr Ne 500
Atlanta, Georgia, 30328
Phone: (678) 653-0045
201 17Th St Nw Ste 300 Atlanta, GA 30363
(678) 653-0045

Dr. Edwards is a naturopathic physician who is currently serving patients at Nouveau Medic in Atlanta, Georgia & Miami Florida. Her clinic encompasses whole body health and wellness and she sees patients of all ages and health conditions. Her Miami Florida practice focuses on post op surgical recovery with the use of Holistic and allopathic modalities of care. She is also on faculty at Kingdom College of Natural Health in Guam, Micronesia.

Established in 1993, Kingdom College of Natural Health has been recognized throughout the world as a premier Distance & Online Learning educator. All faculty members are practitioners of the healing arts, adept in mentoring and guiding students to a successful career. With a wide range of programs, experienced faculty, and caring staff, Kingdom College of Natural Health has been an innovator and is the choice of serious-minded individuals seeking solutions to the current healthcare crisis.

Dr. Edwards’ educational background is extensive. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Kentucky, her BSN from Excelsior College, her Bachelors of Science in Public Health degree and her Master of Public Health degree from American Military University, as well as her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine degree along with additional clinical training from Bastyr University and Kingdom College of Natural Health.

She also completed continuing education courses at Harvard Medical School. A published author, she has written a book about Simeons weight loss protocol in 2011 along with two more currently in the works. From 2005 until 2007, Dr. Edwards served as an Instructor at Kaplan Higher Education (KHE). KHE is a mission-driven, highly respected educational services organization that provides an array of education enablement support services.

She also served as a guest lecturer for the American Military University. She holds certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Chelation Therapy,Homeopathic medicine and Birth Doula. A Navy Veteran, Dr. Edwards served in Desert Fox and Operation Enduring Freedom. She completed her final tour on December 15, 2011. In addition to English, she speaks Spanish.

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Shama Patel, ND

Dr. Shama Patel, ND
1055 Powers Place Suite A
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30009
Phone: (404) 999-3068

Shama Patel offers the following therapies: Thyroid, Autoimmune Disease, Pregnancy / Infertility, Women’s Health, Digestive Disorders

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Saira Sultan, ND, MBA, CTN

Dr. Saira Sultan, ND, MBA, CTN
Cumming, Georgia, 30041
Phone: (678) 855-8085

Saira Sultan offers the following therapies: Weight Loss, Allergies and Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Management

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Kriscinda Bailey Morgan, ND

Dr. Kriscinda Bailey Morgan, ND
113 Fairplay St.
Rutledge, Georgia, 30663
Phone: (762) 228-2144

Kriscinda Bailey Morgan offers the following therapies: Wellness, Thyroid, Menopause, Muscle Problems, Weight Loss

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Adelena Izold, ND

Dr. Adelena Izold, ND
4535 Winters Chapel Rd. Suite B 101
Doraville, Georgia, 30360
Phone: (678) 940-5777

Adelena Izold offers the following therapies: Thyroid, Wellness, Pain Management, Digestive Disorders, Women’s Health

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Jenna Scott, ND

Dr. Jenna Scott, ND
Southeast Natural Medicine
Acworth, Georgia, 30101
Phone: (404) 224-9624

Jenna Scott offers the following therapies: Lyme Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Digestive Disorders, Stress / Anxiety

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Becky Mauldin, ND

Dr. Becky Mauldin, ND
Pure Vitality
3614 Highway 5
Douglasville, Georgia, 30135
Phone: (678) 929-5056

Becky Mauldin offers the following therapies: Wellness, Stress / Anxiety

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Kemi Oluwakoya, ND, CNHP, BSN

Dr. Kemi Oluwakoya, ND, CNHP, BSN
1393 Scenic Highway North
Snellville, Georgia, 30078
Phone: (678) 607-8916

Kemi Oluwakoya offers the following therapies: Cancer, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid

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Raul K Randolph, LMT

Dr. Raul K Randolph, LMT
155 Brighton Ct Sw
Marietta, Georgia, 30064
Phone: 404-723-7285

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Detox My Body, CN, CAMS

Dr. Detox My Body, CN, CAMS
Detox My Body
7193 Douglas Boulevard
Douglasville, Georgia, 30135
Phone: (678) 846-3468

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Melissa G Bennett, CTN, CNW

Dr. Melissa G Bennett, CTN, CNW
5755 North Point Parkway Suite 53
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30022
Phone: (404) 997-9989

Melissa G Bennett offers the following therapies: Diet, Emotional Wellbeing, Allergies and Asthma, Weight Management, Wellness

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Eli Rice English, ND, CNC, CHC

Dr. Eli Rice English, ND, CNC, CHC
127 Church Street Suite 205
Marietta, Georgia, 30060
Phone: (770) 913-6001

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Christopher Ambrosio, DC

Dr. Christopher Ambrosio, DC
216 River Park North Drive
Woodstock, Georgia, 30188
Phone: 678-445-2746, 678-445-2746

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David Ficco, DC

Dr. David Ficco, DC
303 Parkway Dr Ne
Atlanta, Georgia, 30312
Phone: (770) 497-0073

Looking to do whatever it takes to resolve the patients complaints.

Dr. David S Ficco is a Chiropractor, Naturopath and Medical Doctor * practicing at Atlanta Alternative Medicine. A native of New Jersey, of Italian heritage, he received his Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic from Life University, School of Chiropractic. In 1986. Dr. Ficco also received a diploma in Physio-Therapeutics from National College of Chiropractic with a focus on management of patients with serious injuries and the use of modalities in the chiropractic office.

He received his Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 2005 from USAT School of Medicine and his he received his Doctorate Degree in Medicine in 2011. Dr. Ficco has had 80 weeks of clinical training in Medicine, Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery (DeKalb Medical ) ( Northside Hospital ), Pediatrics, Dermatology, Orthopedic Surgery (Gwinnett Medical), General Medicine and Tropical Medicine.

He is also certified in the essentials of MRI, manipulation under anesthesia, phlebotomy, and laser medicine. He is a diplomat of the American board of quality assurance and utilization review physicians, board eligible in chiropractic orthopedics, and board eligible in acupuncture, through national University of Health Sciences. He’s currently working toward a certification in functional medicine.

He prides himself in community service he has served as a youth soccer coach, a youth football coach for Gwinnett football league for eight years, was one of the founding members of Peachtree Ridge Youth Athletic Association, the first director of football for Peachtree Ridge Youth Athletic Association, and also served on the recreation authority for Gwinnett County area as district 1 Commissioner for three years.

His membership include the American Chiropractic Association, Georgia Chiropractic Association, American College of Chiropractic Orthopedist, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Council on Chiropractic Orthopedic, American College of Physicians, and American Academy of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Ficco specializes in, non-surgical, non-epidural, drug-free treatment of disc conditions, and chronic neck and back pain, disc Decompression Therapy.

Also nutrition based treatment of various conditions. He also conservatively treats migraine headaches, neck and arm pain, acute and chronic injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Throughout his 30-year career, Dr. Ficco has had an active interest in improved function and health. In his practice he has emphasized the need to see the back and joint patient as a whole person with lifestyle, nutritional, and stress factors as important components in successful care.

He works closely with the medical community and feels that medicine and chiropractic offer patients complementary care for numerous conditions. * (Not currently licensed to practice medicine).

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Mariana Kamburov, DOM

Dr. Mariana Kamburov, DOM
1209 Nw 12Th Ave
Gainesville, Florida, 32601
Phone: (352) 378-8002
Fax: (352) 378-8002

I offer my extensive medical knowledge and skills acquired through more 20 years of formal training and clinical experience in Conventional and Alternative Medicine. Your body/mind/brain has the natural ability to heal itself if you let it. NaturalHealth Choice is an Alternative Medicine office, specialized in: 1)Traditional Chinese Medicine-Acupuncture, Herbology, TuiNa, GuaSha, Food Therapy; 2)Homeopathy-classic, psychology of the homeopathy, injection therapy, NET; 3) Massage/Colonics;.

Dr. Mariana Kamburov has founded the NaturalHealth Choice in2007 to provide quality treatment in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, including Traditional Chinese Medicine Accupuncture and herbs. Professional AssociationsAmerican Association of Accupuncture and Oriental MedicineFlorida State Oriental Medical Association.

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Lorenzo J. Anderson, DMD, MD, NMD, PScD

Dr. Lorenzo J. Anderson, DMD, MD, NMD, PScD
130 Tibet Avenue 202
Savannah, Georgia, 31406
Phone: 404-860-6817

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Gail Ravello, PHD

Dr. Gail Ravello, PHD
490 Sun Valley Dr Ste 203
Roswell, Georgia, 30076
Phone: (770) 674-6311

Dr. Gail Ravello currently resides in Atlanta Georgia with her husband and three children. Gail enjoys travelling and performing charity work with her family at our local church and St. Andrews church in downtown Atlanta. Gail is a highly skilled Naturopath Doctor with over 23 years of experience in healthcare, working in both private practice and hospital outpatient care. Gail started her quest in healthcare at an early age and knew there was a calling on her life to be involved in patient care.

Gail’s extensive credentials in naturopathic medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health consist of a Doctorates of Naturopathic Medicine (ND), Master in Herbal Medicine (MH), Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC), and Certified Health Specialist (CHS). Gail is an active member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP), and the Institute of Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine.

Gail has always demonstrated the exceptional skill in patient care with the ability to determine health problems by listening to patient complaints and lifestyle examinations. Gail gained the skill and knowledge of identifying various forms of skin problems from bad acne to detrimental levels of skin cancer and removal of suspected growth. Gail’s many years in the field of Internal Medicine and Alternative Medicine in Roswell has allowed her to help a wide range of patients with various health problems.

Here is where it was most highlighted that people needed a better way to be educated about gaining optimal health through treatment and education regarding how detrimental some of the lifestyle choices, genetic inheritance and stress related to occupational and family situations that plays havoc on the body, mind and soul.

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Anya Warren, ND

Dr. Anya Warren, ND
600 Celebrate Life Parkway
Newnan, Georgia, 30265
Phone: (770) 830-2822

It is so warming to see my patients’ eyes light up when they feel empowered and know they are being heard. Appointments in as little as 24 hours.

Making connections with patients is what inspires Naturopathic Provider Anya Warren most about working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). Warren earned her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston in 1992. Several years later, she moved toward a career in health care, becoming a certified massage therapist in 2001. She worked as a massage therapist in Breckenridge, Colorado, and ran her own massage clinic from 2002 to 2006 while pursuing a degree in naturopathic medicine.

In 2007, she completed her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon. During her training, she worked at Outside In, a homeless youth shelter as a medical assistant. She was director of her own practice, where she also treated patients with chronic and acute illnesses, before joining CTCA in October 2013. Warren is active in promoting lung cancer awareness in women with Lung Force a subcommittee of the American Lung Association, Georgia Chapter.

At CTCA, Warren provides consultation regarding safe use of dietary supplements to help patients may reduce side effects caused by treatment. “This approach empowers patients and gives them hope about their health,” says Warren. She is also well-versed in organic gardening and replenishing exercises such as yoga.

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Tamera Firnbach, DC

Dr. Tamera Firnbach, DC
3662 Cedarcrest Rd
Acworth, Georgia, 30101
Phone: (770) 425-6068

We specialize in providing natural alternatives for common conditions that have not responded to conventional care. Do you have thyroid symptoms but the blood tests are normal Having menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, problems with concentration and the medications you are on don’t help Are you frustratedThrough our natural, holistic techniques we are able to determine the CAUSE of your symptoms and determine the correct program.

Balanced Body Wellness Centre specializes in a variety of conditions using holistic wellness techniques for chronic low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, PMS, Thyroid conditions, headaches, adrenal fatigue, weight loss, ADD/ADHD, memory problems, and many more.

Dr. Firnbach, D. C. has studied and researched techniques that focused on clinical nutrition, hormone imbalances, functional medicine, pain relief therapies, and allergy elimination. Through her alternative therapies, she has been successful in helping her patients with PMS, menopause, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, depression, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, and adrenal fatigue, just to name a few.

She has studied extensively in:Clinical NutritionHomeopathyHerbologyFunctional EndocrinologyAllergy Elimination TechniquesBody Restoration TechniqueFunctional MedicineAutonomic Response Testing (ART) Frequency Specific MicrocurrentCold Laser TherapyAromatherapy/Raindrop TechniqueDr. Firnbach continues researching to ensure her patients get the results they desire using the safest and most natural methods.

Her health care strategy combines chiropractic adjustments, clinical nutrition and non-invasive procedures to cleanse the system and support the body in its natural ability to remove toxins. The techniques utilized and patient programs are case specific to achieve maximum results for each individual.

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Kriscinda Morgan, ND

Dr. Kriscinda Morgan, ND
113 Fairplay St
Rutledge, Georgia, 30663
Phone: (706) 557-0211
Fax: (706) 557-0213

As a naturopath, Dr. Morgan attempts to locate the underlying causes of illness, rather than cater to symptoms only. By use of natural remedies, we equip the body with what is naturally familiar to it. Enhancing the body’s own fighting ability in the immune system, we push to support healing through that process. There is an on-site, pharmaceutical-free dispensary to utilize for specialized care. You’ll never experience invasive procedures, as we do not operate as a conventional medical office as medical doctors.

Instead, we assess the body’s state of health via muscle testing. This enables us to evaluate strength between the nerves and muscles in respect to a particular organ. Any lab work/testing done by other providers is also considered during an evaluation. We welcome all ages. You are never a ‘chart number’ here. You are part of our family that we love and support though your journey in life.

Kriscinda Morgan, N. D. , is a AAMA & AADP board certified alternative medical practitioner and adjunct health science professor. With a strong background in education, nursing, allopathic and holistic health, she brings a compassionate perception into patient care. Dr. Morgan earned her doctorate degree in Naturopathy, but also holds an education background in Theology & Counseling, Teaching, Psychology, Biology, Pre-Med and Nursing.

She pursues yearly continuing enrichment in her educational quest with classes through Bastyr University. She specializes in Iridology Iris Analysis, natural weight loss protocols, Native American medicinals, Traditional Chinese medicinals, botanicals, glandulars, holistic general family practice & general testing services such as hormone testing, tissue mineral analysis and Nutrition Response Testing(muscle testing); all of which are non-invasive.

With an integrated approach to good wellness care, Dr. Morgan has worked in integrated settings- thereby collaborating and referring care to medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists. As a traditional naturopath, she has provided pharmaceutical-free, general practice in Cobb County GA, Morgan County GA and Gwinnett County GA. In the past, she has also conducted online visits with several online patients located around the world.

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Erin Madigan-Fleck, NMD, CDT, LE, CNHP

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck, NMD, CDT, LE, CNHP
6059 Boylston Drive Northeast Lower Level
Atlanta, Georgia, 30328
Phone: (404) 348-0749

Erin Madigan-Fleck offers the following therapies: Skin Problems, Dermatology Problems, Facial Rejuvenation, Wellness

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David Saverio Ficco, DC,NMD

Dr. David Saverio Ficco, DC,NMD
1885 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road Suite 130
Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30043
Phone: 770-497-0073
Fax: 770-497-1773

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Janelle Louis, ND

Dr. Janelle Louis, ND
1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy
Atlanta, Georgia, 30338
Phone: (404) 532-9548

As a naturopathic doctor, my aim is to help my patients uncover and address underlying causes that may be hindering them from achieving optimal wellness while supporting them in their present state of health and empowering them to achieve optimal wellness. I assist my patients to overcome their health challenges in the most natural and practical way possible, and in the way that works best for them.

Dr. Louis is a licensed, NABNE board-certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with a broad range of interests including mental health, rheumatology and autoimmune diseases, and pediatric development. She pursued her ND degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in the state of Arizona where she was exposed to some of the greatest minds in functional medicine and natural therapeutics.

In addition to her didactic courses, she completed over 1200 hours of clinical rotations providing naturopathic care to patients with a wide range of ailments at several clinics throughout the state. During that time, she also served as a research assistant conducting research on the clinical efficacy of various botanical products against human pathogens. Trained as a family practice doctor with primary emphases on mental health and chronic disease, Dr.

Louis enjoys providing exceptional, client-focused care to individuals from all walks of life. When she is not practicing medicine, Dr. Louis enjoys spending time with her family, teaching, traveling, writing, and spending time in nature.

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Leslie Gaskill, MD

Dr. Leslie Gaskill, MD
1000 Johnson Ferry Rd
Atlanta, Georgia, 30342
Phone: (770) 495-9995

OUR VISION OF SERVICEWe are real human beings with a passion for taking care of others! We are advanced in our practice approach and skills and we treat a wide range of illnesses both acute and chronic from strep throat, urinary tract infections, to pneumonia, diabetes, asthma, allergies, gynecological care, and more. We practice both traditional and western medicine, as well as integrative, functional, naturopathic and holistic.

It is imperative to find the physiological imbalances in the body and fix these imbalances. A patient needs to know what he or she can do proactively to help fix these imbalances. PHYSICIAN-PATIENT PARTNERSHIPIt is important to us that we get to know our patients and understand their day to day routines, and lifestyles. After all, so many diseases are exacerbated and even caused by environmental and situational stressors in a patient’s life.

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Debra MacIntyre, CN, ND

Dr. Debra MacIntyre, CN, ND
11285 Elkins Rd, Suite J1
Roswell, Georgia, 30076
Phone: (678) 253-4159

Debra MacIntyre offers the following therapies: Menopause, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Stress / Anxiety

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Daniel Falor, DC

Dr. Daniel Falor, DC
4180 Old Milton Pkwy Suite 1C
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30005
Phone: 770-754-1000
Fax: 770-754-1010

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Dinah Absi, ND, CHS, DHS

Dr. Dinah Absi, ND, CHS, DHS
Atlanta Health Specialists
4343 Shallowford Road
Marietta, Georgia, 30062
Phone: (404) 220-8069

Dinah Absi offers the following therapies: Digestive Disorders, Autoimmune Disease, Autism, Stress / Anxiety, Fibromyalgia

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Michael Grego, DC

Dr. Michael Grego, DC
100 Frist Ct
Columbus, Georgia, 31909
Phone: (706) 616-6775

We Teach a Healthy and Balanced – Life Style – Approach to Weight Loss. And Aim to Provide the Tools needed for Our Members. To Maintain Their Health and Weight Loss. for Life!.

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Gail Ravello, PhD-IMD, MH, CNC

Dr. Gail Ravello, PhD-IMD, MH, CNC
1130 Upper Hembree Road
Roswell, Georgia, 30076
Phone: (678) 825-3559

Gail Ravello offers the following therapies: Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid, Diabetes, Depression, Digestive Disorders

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Sonza Curtis, PA-C

Dr. Sonza Curtis, PA-C
960 Johnson Ferry Rd Ste 200
Atlanta, Georgia, 30342
Phone: (404) 943-0900
Fax: (404) 943-1390

I am trained to get to the root cause of the problem not treating the symptoms, but treating the entire person, mind, body and spirit. I partner with my patients and together we come up with a personalized lifestyle plan to optimal health.

Sonza is one of the first Physician Assistant to be certified in Functional Medicine, through The Institute of Functional Medicine. She trained under the late Dr. Christine Gustafson, which was her mentor and friend.

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Crystal Bailey, CNM

Dr. Crystal Bailey, CNM
2042 Mark Trl
Decatur, Georgia, 30032
Phone: (404) 491-9220

Functional medicine and traditional naturopathic approaches allow for specialized care to help each woman find wellness within her.

Nurse Midwife with Doctorate in Naturopathy. Specializes in holistic care for GYN, Pregnancy, Homebirth, and Newborns. 12 years experience attending birth in hospital, birth center and home.

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Alane Stieglitz-Wincek, CNC, ND

Dr. Alane Stieglitz-Wincek, CNC, ND
2900 Dogwood Creek Pkwy (Virtual Wellness Clinic)
Duluth, Georgia, 30096
Phone: (678) 372-2913

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek offers the following therapies: Autoimmune Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Digestive Disorders, Fibromyalgia

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Jameelah Nelson, ND

Dr. Jameelah Nelson, ND
Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Center
270 Carpenter Dr Ste 200A
Atlanta, Georgia, 30338
Phone: (678) 496-7691

Jameelah Nelson offers the following therapies: Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Wellness, Menopause, Stress / Anxiety

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Yolanda Henderson, ND

Dr. Yolanda Henderson, ND
820 Highway 138 Sw
Riverdale, Georgia, 30296
Phone: (888) 959-2093
Fax: (888) 959-2093

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Norma Curby, ND

Dr. Norma Curby, ND
1117 Perimeter Ctr Ste N316
Atlanta, Georgia, 30338
Phone: (678) 404-5680

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Alane Archer, CNC

Dr. Alane Archer, CNC
120 Plantation Trce
Woodstock, Georgia, 30188
Phone: (678) 372-2913
Fax: (866) 593-1611

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Alexis Taylor, ND

Dr. Alexis Taylor, ND
3452 Belmont Heights Dr
Gainesville, Georgia, 30507
Phone: (470) 252-0172

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Shama Patel, ND

Dr. Shama Patel, ND
5755 N Point Pkwy Ste 32
Alpharetta, Georgia, 30022
Phone: (678) 871-6682

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Sharon Johnston, NMD

Dr. Sharon Johnston, NMD
1480 Hickory Rd
Canton, Georgia, 30115
Phone: (678) 493-2597
Fax: (678) 492-2598

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Dameon Rawls, LMT

Dr. Dameon Rawls, LMT
301 Burkhalter Ln
Statesboro, Georgia, 30458
Phone: (912) 996-2171

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