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Isabel Sharkar, ND

Isabel Sharkar, ND
Indigo Integrative Health Clinic
1010 Wisconsin Ave., Nw Ste. #660
Washington, DC, 20007
United States
Phone: 2022989131
Fax: 2022985512

Today Dr. Isabel Sharkar is in her private practice located in the heart of Georgetown. Her special interests include digestive disorders, clinical nutrition, cleansing and detoxification. Being a firm believer in the principal, Let food be thy medicine, Dr. Sharkar has interned with Lisa Wilson at the Raw Food Institute, learning how to implement nutrition into her clinical practice. Dr. Sharkar’s objective is to integrate traditional medicine with the business of conventional living. She firmly believes in empowering her patients through knowledge and education whilst restoring their health in the least aggressive way possible.

Isabel Sharkar offers the following therapies: Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathic Medicine, Hormonal Therapy, Internal Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, Prescription Medications

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