Carrie Decker, ND

Carrie Decker, ND
Blessed Thistle, Llc
6117 Monona Dr., Ste. 3
Madison, Wisconsin, 53716
United States
Phone: 608-620-5831

Dr. Decker is a board certified naturopathic physician with the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners, graduating with honors from the naturopathic physician program at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. She became interested in naturopathic medicine when she had the opportunity to work with a naturopathic physician and found chronic health conditions resolving without the need for pharmaceutical management. She sees patients with a wide variety of concerns, with a primary focus on:

?gastrointestinal and liver disease
?hormone and mood imbalances
?eating disorders
?addiction recovery
?womens health
?autoimmune disease
?chronic fatigue

She also works with patients in the naturopathic treatment of acute conditions to support the restoration of health.

Carrie Decker offers the following therapies: Auriculotherapy, Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Counseling, Homeopathic Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Natural Supplementation, Physical Medicine

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