Andrew Simon, ND

Dr. Andrew Simon, ND
3670 Stone Way N
Seattle, Washington, 98103
Phone: (206) 834-4100
Fax: (206) 834-4131

Dr. Simon takes a common sense approach to musculoskeletal health and focuses on calming pain in the body naturally, while increasing range of motion through a spectrum of techniques to keep people feeling and moving their best. He believes that helping people manage their pain or recover from injuries can help remove a large barrier to exercising and losing weight. This makes it easier for people to utilize other natural ways to balance blood sugar, decrease stress, and optimize health.

The ultimate goal is to help patients tackle complex health conditions with small simple changes that over time will help them succeed in making lasting life-long changes. Together, he works with patients to build health-awareness so the patient can begin to apply tools learned in a visit immediately.

Fitness of Mind, Body, and Spirit is where Dr. Simon spends most of his focus with patients. Utilizing a behavioral medicine approach, Dr. Simon utilizes tools such as Biofeedback, Counseling, Physical Medicine, and Health coaching to achieve lasting health effects beyond just taking medications or supplements. Dr Simon has found that having a physician that is also your coach, health advocate can help you stay healthy while you work in a fast paced city like Seattle and is key to achieving the best health and fitness.

Biofeedback – Dr. Simon has over 400 hours of direct training in biofeedback modalities during his time as a Student, Resident, and Supervising Physician of the Mind Body Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. Determining an individuals stress response is paramount to understanding how it affects their symptoms whether it is pure anxiety, IBS, pain, chronic fatigue, or multitude of other stress symptoms.

Physical Medicine – Utilizing a blend of techniques from spinal adjustments similar to chiropractic or osteopathy to help your body start moving again without pain. Primary philosophy towards exercise, physical therapy and minimizing the need to spinal manipulation care. Other certifications:BCB – Board Certified in Biofeedback – By the BCIA. using sensors that include Heart rate, breathing, temperature, muscle tension, sweat response to help patients become more aware of their stress response, and self-regulate their nervous system to improve energy, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and help reduce dependence on medications for anxiety and depression.

CKTP – Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner – Utilizing the Original Kinesio Taping Method from the Kinesio Taping association and teaches Kinesio Taping classes to the public, and fitness professionals. Other Education:Bachelors in Exercise Science – This is a core part of Dr. Simon’s Philosophy to keep the body moving and functioning at an optimal level, supporting many personal trainer’s and fitness instructors in the greater Seattle Area.

Graduated from Western Washington University. Awards:Dr. Andrew Simon was voted Seattle Met Magazine Top Doctor in 2017, 2018, & 2019 for Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Andrew Simon is the clinic director of Rebel Med Northwest located in Ballard, Seattle, WA where he has built a team based approach with acupuncture, massage, and mind body medicine practitioners.

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